Three Ways to Make Filling and Co-Packaging Your Competitive Advantage

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The health and wellness category is fast paced and fun. It’s also intense.

Between product innovation, branding, marketing and sales, your team has a lot on its shoulders. And little time and energy to tackle anything else.

Where does that leave your product filling process? It’s critical to your brand’s quality, profitability and shelf appeal. Filling your packaging efficiently, while protecting product quality, takes a lot of expertise.

So you have to ask yourself: Should you struggle with package filling – a non-core area of your skillset – or rely on an expert partner?

Here are three key ways outsourcing package filling services can free your team and unlock a competitive advantage for your brand.

Launch & Scale without Big Equipment Investments

Got a hot new nutritional supplement concept poised to disrupt the market? Setting up filling lines can cost millions of dollars. Then there’s the skilled staff – and leadership – needed to run the equipment. Plus, the clean, secure warehouse storage to hold inventory before shipping. And every time you want to expand or update your product lines to accommodate surging growth, you’ve got new capital expenditures to consider.

An experienced co-packing partner has already absorbed the sunk costs of high-performance filling machinery. Their organization is staffed with experts focused on filling your product as efficiently as possible – without sacrificing product quality.

WePackItAll, for example, has deep R&D expertise, coupled with unmatched agility across machinery for stick packs, sachets, pouches and bottles. We have the resources to keep evolving and scale alongside your product lines’ growth.

Drive Efficiency & Quality with Technical Expertise

Health and wellness products come with plenty of filling challenges – as well as many opportunities for innovation and growth.

A co-packager with experience handling your product and packaging types can make a huge difference in overcoming filling issues related to:

  • The material characteristics of powders, pills, gummies and liquids.
  • Correct filling procedures for flexible and rigid packaging of all shapes and sizes.
  • New, alternative packaging materials, such as sustainable packaging options.

At WePackItAll, our know-how is reinforced by multiple national and international quality and safety certifications. We leverage these standards, alongside extensive R&D, testing and our on-site, full-service machine shop, to minimize risk and drive innovation. These capabilities also save you a lot of time in troubleshooting and optimizing new processes, as we help you optimize efficiency and protect product quality

NSF GMP Certified

Learn more about the key product filling considerations we can help you with.

Keep Your Business Running on Schedule

How does your brand move at the speed that today’s competitive CPG climate demands?

When you work with a co-packaging partner, you’re not slowed down by stick pack machine repairs. You don’t have to worry about product waste. You don’t have to manage and staff your filling process.

In other words, you can concentrate on accelerating market leadership and meeting unmet needs through continuous innovation.

Meanwhile, your co-packager focuses on making your filling process the best it can be – and keeping it that way. We leverage 50 years of contract packaging excellence to manage the filling details with capacity that delivers lead times of days, not weeks.

Removing Your Stress. Empowering Your Success.

Forming a strategic partnership with an expert co-packager can help your brand save time, money and headaches, and build a competitive edge – both short and long term.

But as crucial as package filling is to brand loyalty and growth, you need to choose your partner wisely. In our next article, we’ll explore some of the essential qualities to look for in a co-packager.

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