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When Quality Rocks, Opportunity Knocks

Dec. 18, 2023

It’s a great time to be in the health and wellness market. Consumers’ appetite for protein powders, electrolyte mixes, probiotics and more is strong – with U.S. consumer spending on wellness products and services at $450B and growing, according to McKinsey[1].

But that doesn’t mean your product’s popularity and profits are a sure thing. High demand is also giving rise to fierce competition for the health-conscious fan base.

One thing’s for sure: Quality has to be a top priority. And it’s about more than the quality of your product itself. To earn, keep and grow consumers’ loyalty, you have to pay attention to quality throughout the consumer experience – including the filling and co-packaging process.

Let’s take a quick look at how quality across your supply chain helps you win fans and grow your brand.

Reliable Quality Supports Good Brand Experiences

Quality, price and convenience are the most important factors for U.S. consumers’ purchasing decisions, according to a recent McKinsey study[2].

For health and wellness products, we’d wager quality is even more important. Consumers buy your product seeking to feel better, look better and live healthier lives. Any lapses in quality throughout their experience can quickly erode their trust. A consistently good experience, on the other hand, builds customer satisfaction and keeps them coming back for more.

At WePackItAll, we understand what’s at stake for the brands we serve. We know how important it is to get the filling process right to delight consumers every time they interact with your product – from making sure the right dosage is included in each package to creating proper seals that protect product and consumer safety.

A Quality Reputation Sets the Stage for Growth

When consumers have a good experience with your product time after time, it sticks with them.

They become coveted brand champions that recommend your products to friends and followers. Plus, this growing fan base tends to be open to what’s new and next from your brand. This creates new opportunities to innovate and grow your product offering – and your market share. Strong quality practices throughout your supply chain help make all this possible.

Working alongside reliable supply chain partners can ensure you keep quality front and center. As a trusted filling and co-packaging partner to our customers, quality remains our top priority from the second your bulk materials and packaging enter our facility to the moment your finished products leave.

Our longstanding partnerships in the packaging industry can connect you with other high-quality partners – including co-manufacturers, packaging suppliers and more – across the industry. These connections can help you get up and running reliably with flexible and rigid packaging in lots of unique sizes and shapes that today’s consumers enjoy – stick packs, sachets, bottles and more.

Quality Certifications Breed Confidence

Don’t underestimate the power of a good stamp of approval. Even if the average consumer doesn’t know what a particular certification means, these third-party accreditations still demonstrate a commitment to the best quality practices. Some consumers may even look for them.

Meanwhile, for you and your brand, working with suppliers who maintain key quality certifications can bring you greater peace of mind. When you can count on quality from your partners, it’s easier to maintain your margins, as well.

If you see these marks, you know your product and reputation with consumers are in good hands:

  • NSF – Shows a product meets strict national health standards to protect the world’s food, water, consumer products and environment.
  • NSF Certified for Sport – Extension of the standard NSF certification to sport supplements, functional foods and personal care products.
  • SQF – Global food safety and quality certification recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).
  • ASQ – Mark of quality excellence by the American Society for Quality.
  • GMP – Signifies health and wellness products are manufactured with “Good Manufacturing Practices” for food safety.
  • Organic – Verified by organizations such as Quality Assurance International (QAI) or the USDA-accredited Organic Certifiers.

WPIA is proud to maintain these national and international quality certifications to support quality – and a quality reputation – for health and wellness brands.

Quality Filling Seals the Deal

Quality should be at the core of all processes from start to finish – not just initial production – including how your product is stored, transported and packaged.

Is your co-packager operating in a temperature-controlled facility? Are food safety and quality practices such as nitrogen flushing available? What about product testing, sampling, inspection, etc.?

Consider a vitamin multipack. It’s essential that the quality of every pill is uncompromised, that every pack is sealed safely, that it has the right number of pills and that each box has the number of packs the label promises.

With all these considerations, it’s crucial that you work with a co-packaging and filling partner you can trust. Suppliers like WePackItAll are often the last to touch your product before it goes into the package – and ultimately to the consumer.

Will that consumer find a quality product they love? Will they come back for more? At WePackItAll, we want to help you make sure the answer is yes! Contact our team of experts today to get started.