Stick Packs
Reduce Material Use with Stick Packs

Appeal to Today’s On-The-Go Consumer with Expertly Filled Stick Pack Packaging

As a go-to resource for product category leaders, WePackItAll moves quickly to help brands at every stage of growth meet rising demand for stick pack packaging.

Lightweight, easy-to-handle and perfect for single-servings or trial packs, there are many natural benefits to stick pack packaging. These small, thin packs are produced using flexible film (foil, paper or plastic) and the “form-fill-seal” method of packaging. Their slender shape makes them perfect for on-the-go, powder products, like drink mixes and granulated food supplements.

Compared to other styles of packaging, stick packs use less film and allow consumers to pour products into reusable water bottles for a more environmentally friendly solution. This lighter weight format also drives efficiency in the shipping process, allowing for lighter loads with more products, compared to rigid packaging alternatives.

Once filled, stick packs can be easily packaged into pouches, cartons, variety packs and more, preparing them for in-store and online retailer sale.

Why WePackItAll

At WePackItAll, our facilities can fill millions of packaging units per day – including stick packs and other primary packaging types – using our multi-lane equipment and hundreds of pieces of machinery. This capacity is continually expanding, and we are committed to growing our abilities to meet increased demand, scale production and support your business growth.

Regardless of your fill volumes, packaging size or handling specifications, we have what it takes to meet diverse requirements and adhere to your requests. Our team will work alongside you to establish the right processes to fill your product and prepare it for the shelf.