Stand Out on the Shelf with Sachet Packaging

Optimize Product Integrity and Consumer Safety with Expertly Filled Sachets

A pioneer for nearly 50 years, we thrive in simplifying the complex, working diligently to protect product safety and help you get your products into the hands of consumers using versatile, efficient sachet packaging.

Flexible in design, sachet packaging can be used with a variety of products, including powders, liquids, pills and gummies for endless applications across the Health & Wellness industry. Created by folding and sealing flexible film on three or four sides, this style of packaging is larger than stick packs. It has a variety of film and printing options, including no printing, print on one side, or print on both sides, allowing sachets to make a big impact on the shelf.

Sachets vary in size, shape and use, and are easily customizable to meet your unique needs. Their flexible format can be structured as single packets, tandems, trios or longer strips. Some common applications include sampling and trial doses to build brand and product reputation, single-serving items and other products geared to today’s on-the-go consumers.

Filling Multipacks for Daily Use

Sachets also provide the ideal format for daily dose multipacks for vitamins and supplements. We offer decades of expertise in filling these popular formats, following stringent quality processes and standards to ensure end users receive the exact dosage required in each individual packet.

Why WePackItAll

At WePackItAll, we have experience working with sachets of all shapes and sizes and can create custom filling solutions that are designed to your products’ needs. Our time-tested industry experience gives us the knowledge to overcome the unique challenges presented by different materials and packaging formats. No matter the complexity, product integrity remains our number one priority throughout the filling and co-packaging process. We know our role in the packaging process means we are often the last group to interact with products before they head to the shelf, and we take this commitment seriously.