Secondary Packaging
Accelerate Brand Growth with Our Secondary Packaging Offering

Prepare Your Product for Placement on the Shelf

Secondary packaging takes place once the primary packaging procedures are complete, and your bulk materials are filled into the appropriate stick pack, sachet, bottle or pouch. At WePackItAll, we have an entire team dedicated to secondary packaging services that ensure accuracy and maintain the shortest lead times in the industry.

Get to know our secondary packaging capabilities.

Filled packaging units – stick packs, sachets – are filled into secondary packaging, such as a carton or pouch. In these cases, secondary packaging is used to prepare the product for placement on the shelf. Our team can fill multiples of the same product or variety packs, depending upon your specific assembly needs.
In contrast to assembly, filled packaging units are assembled into secondary packaging in a specific order, often into cartons, retail displays, retail trays, and more. This secondary packaging method is preparing the product for visual displays to capture consumer attention and drive sales.
Shrink Wrapping & Paper Bundling
Shrink wrap or over wrap packaging adds a tamper-resistant seal to your retail product. Both styles are used to create multi-flavor combination packs or variety packs for retail sale. This extra layer of protection keeps products safe from our facility to the shelf, upholding product integrity.Shrink wrapping is ideal for products bundled together for purchasing in bulk, such as for sale in membership warehouse clubs. Paper bundling offers a solution for bundling bottles and/or unit cartons that eliminates the need for plastic shrink wrap.
Product Security
From start to finish, product integrity is our number one priority. Our product security options include safety seals, shrink bands and box gluing options. These services are offered to prepare products for shipment and add tamper resistance to protect consumer safety.

Why WePackItAll

Our team of experts is experienced in working with single- and multi-use pouches. Whether you are looking to fill bulk materials directly into a pouch or use a resealable pouch for your stick packs, sachets or multipacks, we can customize a solution for you.

Regardless of your filling volumes, we will work to drive efficiencies and deliver production flexibility that enables unmatched lead times. Together, we will enable you to meet demand and scale faster than the competition.