What Makes a Great Contract Packaging and Filling Partner?

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Outsourcing to a contract packaging and filling provider for your health and wellness brand can free your team and unlock new competitive advantages. But only if you find the right partner for your needs. From capabilities to expertise to customer service, there’s a lot to consider in this decision.

To help you sort through it – and access the speed, agility and support you need – start by asking your potential co-packaging partner these key questions.

Ensure Alignment Between Your Program Needs and Available Filling Capabilities

For starters, make sure any potential contract packaging partner can actually meet your filling needs – in volumes, packaging type, expertise and beyond.

What Capabilities Do You Offer?

Look for advanced facilities and processes to provide a seamless flow from accepting your bulk materials to shipping inventory nationally. Make sure your co-packager can move with agility across a variety of packaging types – including sachets, bottles, stick packs and pouches.

Our secondary packaging support (assembly, shrink wrapping, etc.) and other value-added services, including warehousing in climate-controlled facilities, accelerate customer success beyond primary filling services.

How Do You Overcome Complex Filling Challenges?

A co-packer should not be limited by existing equipment or capacity constraints. In-house expertise in processes and machinery coupled with a strong supply chain and referral network will ensure your co-packaging partner is accelerating innovation while protecting product integrity.

Can You Handle My Timeline?

Your contract packaging partner must be able to deliver against lead times that help you meet demand and protect your reputation. They should demonstrate that they can prioritize your needs and your timeline – meeting lead times of days, not weeks.

Search For a Health & Wellness Industry Insider

Dig into prospective suppliers’ understanding of your company’s distinct challenges, demand cycles and seasonality. A great co-packaging partner will be in-the-know on everything that drives your business today and in the future.

Do You Have Experience With My Product Particulars?

Seek a provider with a proven track record in your specific product types like hydration powders, nutritional supplements, gummy vitamins and more.

What Quality & Safety Certifications Do You Hold?

Package filling is one of the last steps before your product reaches consumers. You need to be confident your product and brand reputation are in good hands. The right quality and safety certifications provide peace of mind. It shows a co-packager has a culture that supports consistent quality, regulatory compliance and brand growth.


Bad product quality can jeopardize your reputation. Work with a filling and co-packaging partner that prioritizes your product safety and integrity. Read more.

Find a True Filling & Co-Packaging Partner, Not Just a Vendor

From initial inquiry to ready for retail, look for commitment to driving your success.

Can You Scale With Me as I Grow?

Whether you need to scale product volumes rapidly, or through steadily increasing growth across a longer time horizon, your co-packager should be able to grow alongside you. And they should do so without sacrificing quality, efficiency or responsiveness throughout the process.

Do You Support Local or National Brands?

It’s a big plus to be in a transportation and manufacturing hub, as WePackItAll’s Southern California facilities are. We’re close to many health and wellness supply chain partners and transportation infrastructure including the Port of Los Angeles. Our customers can access local support while maintaining national distribution and reach.

Can You Meet My Sustainability Needs?

It’s no secret that consumers want sustainable products. Your contract packaging partner can play a vital role in meeting that demand.

For example, at WePackItAll, we have close relationships with packaging suppliers that are pioneering new, sustainable materials. We’re also continuously working to minimize our own environmental footprint.

NSF GMP Certified

WePackItAll partners with brands, co-manufacturers, CPG firms, retailers and more to deliver solutions at every stage of growth.

Start a Thriving Contract Packaging Partnership

The right co-packaging partner can be more than a vendor; they can be a critical driver of your business strategy.

That’s why it pays to vet contract packaging companies from every angle. At WePackItAll, we’re ready to answer all your questions and show what we can do to accelerate the success of your health and wellness brand. 

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