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Named after its shape, stick packaging is conveniently small, easy to handle, and ideal for “on-the-go” products. It is also a popular choice for many pharmaceutical and single-dose products.  Stick packages are produced using flexible film (foil, paper or plastic), and the “form-fill-seal” method of packaging, which is suitable for a wide array of powders and granulated products. Dispensing the product from a stick pack is facilitated by its narrow, tubular shape; and an added benefit is that sticks use less film than other package styles, so the impact on the environment is reduced.

WePackItAll processes stick packs every day in a wide variety of sizes and offers complete packaging, counting, stacking, banding and carton packing services. Configurations can be customized to meet diverse requirements in size, fill volume and various handling specifications.

We offer 5-lane, 10-lane, and 12-lane packaging capabilities, all within temperature and humidity controlled rooms to offer your product the best protection during packaging. With multi-lane equipment, we provide an efficient packaging solution for your single serve powder product.



For products that need individual protection or are intended to be marketed as a stand-alone unit, blister packs are the answer. Blisters are commonly used to package pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements, as they provide increased barrier-protection and a degree of tamper resistance to the product.

A blister package consists of a formed piece of PVC plastic bonded to an adhesive coated paper or foil backing. The backing is manufactured specifically for blister packaging and printed using special wax-free inks. The PVC plastic is formed using tooling specific to your requirements, creating the desired blister pattern. Once the plastic is formed, the product is inserted into the cavities and the card is prepared for foil application. The plastic and foil are joined together at the sealing station where heat and pressure are applied. This process activates the adhesive on the face of the foil and creates a bond between the PVC plastic and the foil backing, producing a finished blister product.

WePackItAll offers multiple types of blister packs, as well as custom card layouts, mixed/multiple product packs, and special cavity shapes. We have a complete machine shop in-house and can design and build all of our own tooling on the premises. No matter what type of blister packaging you need or how unique the project, WePackItAll knows blisters.



Stand-up pouches are an increasingly popular packaging option offering a very convenient, flexible, consumer-friendly package. They provide a very strong, air-tight seal so the product is kept fresh for longer periods of time.

Pouches can be re-sealable or single use, stand-up or made to hang, and can be solid material or have a clear window to view the contents. There are multiple graphic options with pouches. For smaller volumes, printed labels can be affixed to the pouch and for larger volumes, multi-color graphics can be printed.

Pouch packaging can be used for many products including foods, non-foods, dietary supplements, powders, liquids or gummies…the options are endless. Pouches are also a great choice because the finished package is “shelf-ready”



Sachet packets are great for distribution of your products through sampling programs and offer complete flexibility in presentation with a wide variety of printing options.

Using flexible film that is folded and sealed on three or four sides, sachet packets are used for a variety of purposes, such as product samples and daily-packs. Sometimes referred to as single-serve packs, this popular package type is an everyday player in the WePackItAll lineup.

Most of the products that use pre-printed registered film are packaged in this manner. The variety of film and graphics printing options available enable these packets to make a big impact on the shelf. This package style can accommodate a very wide array of products, including pills, powders, liquids, gummies, nut butters, plant oils, food items and others.


smartypants bottle.png

Whether your product is a pill, powder, liquid or gummy, WePackItAll has the equipment to pack it into bottles.  From 50cc to 3000cc, 5ml to 1 gallon, 10gms to 3lbs, WePackItAll is recognized as a premier quality contract bottling plant.  We handle HDPE, PET and glass bottles in many shapes and sizes with an ever-changing variety of products including; spices, powders, liquid & dry food items, dietary supplements, gummies, cosmetics, and more.

Once filled, we can pass the bottle through metal detection, induction seal the cap, stamp a lot code, apply the label, place a tamper evident seal, carton and case pack your product.  WePackItAll is your full-service contract bottling partner.



Packaging liquids, lotions and creams can be tricky, so you need to know the ropes. Whether it’s small sample packs of lotions and creams, tandem packets of shampoo and conditioner or custom-shaped bottle packets, WePackItAll knows how to package liquid products, and we’ve been doing it successfully for years. With both food grade and non-food grade filling equipment available, we can handle your nut butters, coconut oils, honey, cosmetics and topical items.

Specialized liquid-fill production lines are broken-down after each product, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before swab testing to ensure there is no cross-contamination. We work very closely with printers and package designers to make sure that the packaging components are a perfect fit.  From start to finish, WePackItAll takes the guesswork out of packaging liquids.


liquid iv.jpg

After primary packaging is complete, many customers request assembly, shrink-wrap, lot/bar coding, collating, bundle-wrap and other finishing services, before the product is shipped. WePackItAll has a full-time team dedicated to these processes, which we also provide as stand-alone services.

Shrink wrap or over wrap packaging provides the tamper-resistant seal you want for your retail product. With multiple pieces of equipment and tooling available, this service can be added to your packaging at a moment’s notice. We also offer safety seals, shrink bands and box gluing options.



Multi-pack processing is a core packaging method within the industry. It is the “workhorse” packaging style for many pharmaceutical and supplement products sold in “daily packs”. Utilizing a variety of flexible film types, which can be pre-printed or stamped in-line, multi-packs can be made as single packets, tandems, trios, or longer strips.

WePackItAll production teams are experts in multi-packs and have the experience and technology to package products in this style at very high volumes and in every possible format. We can even create custom tooling and machinery, in our on-site machine shop, to handle the trickiest of jobs.


WPIA Facility SHoot-70.jpg

WePackItAll has a full service machine shop capable of customizing tooling and machinery to fit the needs of our customers.  We machine most of our own parts and our experienced and talented shop will minimize any downtime for our machines should they arise.

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Services & Technology:

Along with our custom packaging solutions, we also offer the following:

  • Nearly 160,000 square feet of temperature controlled warehouse storage

  • In-House Microbial Testing

  • Certificates of Conformance/Analysis

  • Customized Testing, Sampling, and Inspection Plans

  • Seal Integrity Testing

  • pH & Brix Monitoring

  • Metal Detection and X-Ray

  • Temperature & Humidity Controlled Suites

  • Cold Storage

  • Dry Blending

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