Pillow and Pouch packaging WePackItAll® 

Pillow packs and pouches are a staple in packaging of some of today’s most popular products, such as potato chips, nuts, snacks, cereals and more.

Pillow packs…the most common method

Pillow packs have been around for many years, and are used for almost every type of product available. Just think of potato chip bags in all different sizes and you will better understand this style. It has a top-seal, bottom-seal and a back-seal, and offers the advantage of placing more product in a pouch using less film than other methods. Cereals, powders, toys and even liquids are now being put into this style of package. WePackItAll® has been producing pillow packs daily since 1989.


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Pouches offer convenience and control

Pouches are a newer and increasingly popular package style, and present a variety of options. They are pre-formed and can be re-sealable or single use, stand-up or made to hang, and they combine highly flexible graphics and printing capabilities, with a very convenient, consumer-friendly package. They provide a very strong, air-tight seal, so the product is controlled and well protected at all times. Pouch packaging can be used to seal and protect all types of manufactured products, whether foods, non-foods, nutraceutical, powders, liquids or pharmaceuticals…the options are endless. Pouches are also a great choice because the finished package is “shelf-ready”.

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